Social Service by BEM Universitas 2021

Social Service by BEM Universitas 2021

The pandemic is not a limit to helping others in need. On May 4 and 5 2021, the Student Executive Board of Tarumanagara University held social service activities (BAKSOS)

which were held in 2 locations, namely at the Kapuk Study House and the area around campus 1 of Tarumanagara University. This social service activity is expected to provide knowledge and become a forum for students to help people who are still experiencing economic, social, and educational difficulties.


Example of events related to environment and sustainability hosted or organized by the University  in the academic year 2018-2020.

Total number of sustainability/environment related events in:

2018:  29

2019:  31

2020:  14

A total average per annum over the last 3 years of 25 events (e.g. conferences, workshops, awareness raising, practical training, etc.).